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From: Robert D.

“Dear Pastor Schuller,

My Story is still a very painful and difficult one to tell but feel compelled to do so. My hope is that by sharing My Story it will help others to better understand how important The Hour of Power is not only to myself but also to the millions of others around the world who attend The Hour of Power on television each and every week.

In October of 2012, my Mother Lena was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer. Due to her illness, we could no longer attend Church together in public. One Sunday I did some channel surfing looking for a service that we could attend on television. That is when I found The Hour of Power. From that day forward we never missed a service together until her passing on Christmas Eve of last year.

Before my Mother ascended to Heaven, we would look forward to attending The Hour of Power all week long. On Sunday morning’s we always greeted each other with excitement saying “We Get to Go to Church Today”!

We enjoyed each and every moment of the services but some of our personal favorites were greeting each other saying “God Loves You and So do I!” the reciting of Psalm 118:24, Singing “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee” and other songs, Listening to the incredible Choir and other musical guest, Hearing The Word Of God being recited and how it applies to all our lives, Listening to the stories of inspirational speakers sharing with us how God helped them and others to overcome the impossible, and of course being blessed by you at the close of services was always the highlight for us.

When my Mother was first diagnosed, a Doctor said to her “you may have as little as 2 months to live”.  But due to her faith and continued nourishment of that faith thru prayer and attending The Hour of Power services on television, God decided that she was to live for another 26 months! Praise God!

The Hour of Power provided my Mother and I with the opportunity to attend Church together during a time in our lives when we needed it most but were unable to attend service in public. Even though we were watching the services on television, we always felt as if we were sitting right next to all those who were in attendance at Church that day! Good job camera guys!

In honor of my Mother Lena, I recently became an Eagle Donor to help keep The Hour of Power on the air so that others like us who are unable to attend Church in public are able to do so on television. I challenge all who may read or hear My Story to give to The Hour of Power as much as they are able.

I still look forward to attending The Hour of Power each week with the same eagerness as I did when my Mother was still of the body, and know that she is always sitting right next to me, holding my hand and saying “God Loves You and So Do I”

May God Bless You, Your Family, Shepherd’s Grove and the entire Hour of Power congregation now and forever!”

Robert D & Mother