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From: Gerald B. B. (PA)

“I became familiar with the Hour of Power sometime after August, 1986 when my beloved wife died at the age of 50 from lung cancer. I was angry, sad, and lonely; I began to search for answers. It was during this time that I became familiar with the Hour of Power. I turned on the TV one Sunday morning and came across the show and was touched by the sermon delivered by your grandfather, Robert Schuller. I was ‘hooked.’ I have watched the Hour of Power for the last 27 years, with your grandfather, your father, your sister and now you. Your grandfather preached great sermons and, occasionally, when your father preached, I preferred listening to your grandfather. Your father, however, became an excellent speaker and, I thought that he eventually surpassed your grandfather in delivering sermons. When he was ‘forced out’ I was devastated. You preached, on occasion, and I must admit that I felt as I did when I first started to believe that you have surpassed your Dad! Your humility, humor, musicality, education and knowledge all come together in delivering your sermons. My story did not end with the death of my wide. I never prayed as hard and sincerely as I did after her death and God did answer my prayers. I prayed for one more love and young children and it wasn’t long before I met my present wife at a support group. She had two young children and we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and have four children and six grandchildren. I wish you continued success as Pastor and will pray that the ministry continues to bring the same positive message that has helped me and so many others over the years”