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From: Raf I.

My name is Raf Imara, born in Baghdad / Iraq. My life in Iraq (due to the belief of my parents) has not been easy, but in spite of this fact , I’ve built my life there and I enjoyed a lot of my family and friends. After I graduated from the University of Baghdad ( Agricultural Economics ) , I started to built my live there until 1991. In this year, my life , and many with me changed dramatically. The Gulf War had started and we all had to be soldiers there. What I have seen and experience there, was horrible and inhuman. I’m still the only one of my barracks who narrowly survived this. Eventually I ended up in the Netherlands and this was in 1992. When I arrived here , I was not able to see the positive aspect of my life and I had no hoop whatsoever. I was very angry with God and disappointed because He allowed this to happen. My parents have always taught me at home never to blame God for men’s faults, but those who choose to do this. Nevertheless, at that time I could not see this, because I kept asking myself, who will now benefit from destroying mankind here on earth, and where is God ?!

In the Netherlands I went on with my life. Married a Dutch woman, and we now have two girls. However, my anger and sadness always stood by me as a shadow in the background and I had a lot of trouble accepting that God don’t interfere to change this. Until one day (Sunday) I saw something on the TV! It was the Hour of Power !

A young man stood there and said; God loves you no matter what you are. And the why question, well, I sometimes have problem with it, but I leave it to God because, He is the one who has the answers, and that we will have to trust Him on this. For now, he say to you, “You are my beloved son.” I gave you life, and I did also let you know what I can expect from you in this life to do or to be.

This has changed my life forever and made it ​​positive, and I am very happy with it now.

I want to thank you Bobby a lot for the fact that you have changed my life in a positive way . Thanks to your effort and message, I got a different perspective and purpose in my life. This gives me a lot of positive energy and love. I know now that God is there , and He loves me ! As I have you too my brother!

Thank you Bobby!

Raf I.