An Ambassador for Humanity

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

– John 15:12

We’ve been on a journey this year, haven’t we? As we move ahead in this unprecedented period of pandemic and seek to resume certain aspects of our daily lives, it’s helpful to draw upon the good that we’ve witnessed in humanity throughout the last couple of months. Though this time has been and continues to be extremely trying in some aspects, in other ways, it has brought out the best in people. I’ve read hundreds of stories about courageous individuals being the hands and feet of Jesus by providing help and hope to neighbors, and even to strangers. Stores have opened up early to allow the elderly and most vulnerable to shop, young people have checked in on and taken care of those who are older, families have connected remotely, and relationships have been strengthened. While we all want to make forward progress, my encouragement is not to lose sight of the treasure we’ve unearthed as we’ve made the most of this unexpected winter season.

Today and always, continue to be an ambassador for the dignity and humanity of every person, my friend. As one who understands the value of each precious soul made in the image of God, you have a unique opportunity to be a tangible manifestation of His deep and unending love to them. While social distancing may be necessary to protect the health of others, it’s important not to withdraw from or alienate them out of fear. As a disciple of your Savior, you have the privilege of looking into people’s eyes, showing compassion, and being a giver of divine blessings that speak to the wonder of His grace and goodness. The world needs Jesus’ peace, hope, and empathy more than ever before, and you are called, empowered, and uniquely equipped to bring His Spirit to the right places at just the right time!


I ask that you would use me, Jesus, to affirm the dignity and humanity of every person I encounter.


How can you affirm the humanity of others today?


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  1. A smile is holy. A mask prevents this free expression of humanity. A mask is a symbol of fear. Jesus repeatedly says to fear not. I simply cannot see a Jesus that wears a mask!

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