The Anointing of David

“Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers. And the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward. And Samuel rose up and went to Ramah.”

– 1 Samuel 16:13

We’ve been talking a lot about the power of our anointing in Christ, and today, I want to explore the Biblical roots of this authority. It’s interesting to note that when Jesus walked the earth, He was frequently called Son of David. This is because He was recognized as being from the lineage of the Jew’s most highly esteemed and beloved leader. Though centuries had passed since he walked the earth, no good Hebrew could forget or cease to honor the legacy of King David — the man after God’s own heart. He had been anointed before he ever ascended the throne, and from that moment, he was full of divine favor. Though he was imperfect and fell short many times during the course of his reign, he always returned to the feet of His Heavenly Father. It was fitting, then, that the Messiah — or the true Anointed One — would come from his lineage, and that He would be the source of ultimate authority, healing, and restoration. The Savior of the world lived a perfect life, and because He gave Himself up as the atonement for the sins of humanity, He defeated Satan once and for all. When He died and came to life again, He gave us — and everyone who calls Him Lord — the keys to His Kingdom, and He made us benefactors of a burden-removing, yoke-destroying anointing that changes us for eternity!

My friend, you are God’s chosen one, and He hand-picked you to reflect His power, light, and healing to the world. Because He loves you so much, He exchanged your sins, sorrows, and shame for the immovable and steadfast hope in which you now stand. This means you can walk every day in His anointing and impart to other people the same blessings He bestows upon you. You are His precious child, cherished friend, and a sacred member of His household, and His eye will be on you every moment of every day from now until forever.


Jesus, thank you for anointing me and using me to remove burdens and destroy heavy yokes.


Does sin or shame cause you to feel unworthy of God’s anointing? If so, take a minute to read the encouraging Messianic prophecy found in Isaiah 9:4.

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  1. Hi Bobby, Thank you for the anointing series of messages. I just read the past four and was encouraged to remember how the Lord uses his followers to reflect His love and light in this this lifetime. You are such a blessing to all those who read your teachings.

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