The Anointing of Light

“But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.”

– 1 John 2:20

Yesterday, we learned that our anointing in Jesus is one of power and protection. For the next few days, I want to explore three additional aspects of authority that come through the covering of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The first one is light. Have you ever been engaged in a busy evening at home when the power suddenly goes out? It’s amazing how quickly a bustling pace can come to a halt in the absence of illumination. Left in the dark, we must scramble to find candles, flashlights, and other temporary sources of brightness to see us through. Though nothing replaces the intensity of a return to full power, each little flicker helps us find our way in otherwise black rooms and halls. And this is exactly how our anointing functions on the earth. While the great Light of the World no longer walks among us, those in whom His Spirit dwells are like candles in a domain ruled by darkness. As Satan seeks to eclipse the brilliance of Christ by way of wickedness and deception, believers who bear their Savior’s likeness become flashes of hope through His anointing of divine wisdom. By living and walking in God’s truth, we model a more excellent way and illuminate a path to freedom that people might not otherwise see. Since we stand in His exceedingly great promises, we’re empowered to bring divine victory and radiance to everyone we encounter.

My friend, you are anointed to be light in a dark world. All around you, people are stumbling — as if in the black of night — and longing for understanding, wisdom, and truth in which to anchor their souls. Thankfully, you are a city on a hill, and when you allow your Savior to shine in your spirit, your brightness illuminates and dispels the power of darkness. As you delight yourself in the Lord and fill your mind and heart with His promises, His presence transforms lives through the power of your radiant faith!


Jesus, thank you for giving me an anointing of light. Fill me with your Spirit’s radiance that I might illuminate a path of hope for others.


How can you let your light shine before people today?

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