The Anointing of Power

“Take the anointing oil and anoint him by pouring it on his head.”

– Exodus 29:7

In Christianity, we talk a lot about our anointing in Christ, but few of us actually understand where the term originates. Turns out that the practice of anointing actually began with sheep. Since they were prone to the infestation of bugs in their ears, someone figured out that slathering their heads with olive oil kept insects away. Then, later on, someone else wondered if it might work for humans also. Since there was no running water in ancient times, baths were not a common thing, and people tended to smell pretty bad. Even worse, because they traveled long distances and got really dirty, they also attracted bugs. Therefore, anointing their heads was a way to lessen body odor and shield themselves from creepy crawlers. Later, it became a religious ritual that was employed in Jewish worship as a means of designating priests and setting apart kings. The act of “covering” or “slathering” was an indication of God’s favor and an assignment of power, and it foreshadowed the coming of Messiah — or Anointed One — who would hold all authority in His hands. Now, over 2,000 years after He died and came to life again, His anointing is imparted to each and every person who puts their trust in Him. Though most of us don’t smear ourselves with oil as a habit, we’re full of the Holy Spirit’s life, and He gives us protection, authority, and strength to break chains of oppression and bondage on behalf of others.

My friend, you are anointed with God’s power! You are chosen and set apart to carry the very real presence of Jesus to precious souls longing to be set free. As you embrace the fullness of your liberty and authority in Christ, you become a conduit of the grace that redeems and restores even the most impossible situations and circumstances. You are slathered in the goodness of your Savior, and as you receive the infilling of His Spirit afresh each day, there’s no telling what He can do through your living and active faith.


Jesus, I invite a fresh anointing into my life today. Fill me with your Spirit, and make me a conduit of your power and protection.


Take a minute to read Luke 4:18. Knowing that Christ’s anointing is also on you, what does this verse teach you about your call?

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