“For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.”

– 1 John 2:16

Yesterday we talked about how Satan’s primary goal is to get us to set ourselves on the throne of our hearts and to make everything in our lives about us. Today, I want to talk about how he initiates his attacks.

First of all, the devil always attacks the mind, and he uses the same three weapons! I don’t know about you, but I like to play chess. Not everyone understands this peculiar game, but I have grown to love it, and I’ve figured out that every skilled chess player has the same 15 opening moves. This means that if I can study and learn those moves, I have a pretty good chance of beating them. This is because if a player changes their opening, their position is significantly weakened. Similarly, Satan has the same three opening moves: he appeals to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. As you look at this, you may be tempted to focus on the word lust, which in our society typically has a sexual connotation. However, this is not what is being communicated here, so I think it is better to translate it as a desire or obsession. Lust means to want something so badly that nothing can stop you from going after it!

Friend, every attack on your flesh begins in your mind, and from there, desires are birthed that lead to action. This is why it’s so important to take note of your thoughts and cast down the ones that are not from God. When you are tempted believe the enemy’s lies, call on Jesus and stand on His promises — pray to Him, read His Word, and meditate on His truth. He is able to supply all of your needs richly and abundantly because He is the God of more; nothing Satan has to offer can compare to His goodness and sufficiency! Wrap your heart and mind around that truth today and rejoice in His good news!


I ask, Jesus, that you would open the eyes of my heart to see and combat the enemy’s attacks on my mind.


What opening moves can you pull when Satan attacks you with his (lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, pride of life)?

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12 Responses

  1. My name is john fo r decades. I was controlled by the lusts of the flesh l now am stuck in idolatry from my past experiences l have made myself the king of my heart l had let myself ignorantly get stuck in the flesh l react to my circumstances around me from my feelings and emotions l was reading in my study guide and it asked when and where did you 1sthear the gospel l went from being a catholic to being at a Christian church however stuck in a life of sin l sort of kinda understood jesus died on the cross l have never felt any forgiveness of my sins aren’t people suppose to get born again repent that will not be easy and my heart becomes harder sinning every day l want to help others from being tempted putting themselves into temptation God may want me to somehow be saved l am not sure l understand salvatio. ? And how l can get forgiveness of my sins

    1. Salvation is a gift and all you have to do is receive the gift. There is no work that must be done in order to receive what Jesus done for you on the cross. If you accept and believe in Jesus and simply ask for forgiveness, you will be forgiven. Now, you will continue to be tempted, but it’s how you respond in the times of temptation that will make you able to help others. People misunderstand Christianity as we will just be made to do right. God will never make you. It’s a choice. Each day it’s a decision you make to say, I’m going to allow Jesus to be Lord of my life and not myself. I will love for Him, and not myself. I will even be willing to die for him, when I am not for myself. The you goes away and is hidden in Him and He becomes the person people see when they look at you. The prayer of faith is all it takes to receive salvation. Faith that Jesus died for your forgiveness and that he will forgive you of your sins. Prayers for you.

    2. hello I hope you are doing well and having a blessed life let me remind you that you are a child of God remember that the devil can’t repent of sins so he’s trying to get everyone to go to hell with him know that Jesus is a promise maker and a promise keeper trust In the Lord and he will make straight your paths nothing on earth can compare to what heaven will be like keep fighting and don’t let the devil pull you down with him your not weak ask God for that strength with faith and you shall receive it God bless you keep fighting don’t let the devil win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. John, your battles are true for every believer. We get stuck in the cycles of following our feelings/emotions instead of following the Holy Spirit. Being a child of God is possible through the sacrificial blood of Christ. But we must daily claim that blood and ask forgiveness for sins. Read the Word everyday and pray, that’s a great start. Also find a good Bible study about what it means to live a victorious Christian life. Freedom from Church of the Highlands is a great one.

  2. Very relevant topic! Thank you for reminding me of the battle strategies I need to defeat the attack’s from the enemy in JESUS’ Mighty Name!

  3. My husband and I used to watch Hour of Power on Channel 9 at 9:30 AM Sunday morning. It is know longer in at that time. What have the day and time been changed to. ? Thank you.

  4. Can you please pray for me..
    I’ve been going through a spiritual attack of
    the mind (battlefield) I feel like I’m going crazy and feeling anxiety and depression

    1. You will no longer have those thoughts for I have prayed to our Father he will always hear us!(Psalm 19:3-4)
      and so with much faith upon the asking to our Father HIS will be done.

  5. I feel the devil is attacking my mind in trying to make me curse the Holy Trinity! I refuse to let those thoughts leave my mouth, he already knows his presence isn’t a threat to me! He makes my daughters toys move around me and I laugh at his attempts. But the battle within my mind makes me hate myself. I don’t want to fall short of God’s glory and I want to see my father when they time comes. I just pray that my thoughts don’t cost me my salvation and my eternity with my savior. Please pray for me

    1. Those thoughts are from satan, they are not yours, they are his trying to make you think they are yours. Read John Bunyan’s, “Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners” and your eyes will be opened to satan’s attacks on the mind. If you are saved, if you trust in Jesus as your Savior and have repented of your sins, you are God’s child and He loves you! Satan cannot take your salvation from you, but he tries to make you believe he can. Do not hate yourself because Jesus paid the ultimate price that you can be free. This freedom includes freedom from guilt and shame and self-hatred. He loves his creation (YOU) and you take hold of his love, bask in his glory, know that you are his and that Jesus is with you and in you eternally and that he adores you — and satan has to flee!

    2. Miguel,

      I struggle with the same thing. Thank you for your comment. I don’t think you realize how impactful it has been for me. Keep the faith and don’t fall for the devil’s schemes. He hates us and wants us to give up. He may put thoughts in our minds but he can never take the love for Jesus out of our hearts and that, my friend, will lead us to salvation. Be blessed.

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