The Best Time to Draw Close to the Lord

“And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”

John 12:32

I want to share with you the best time to draw closer to the Lord as illustrated by a memory I have of my sweet cousin who is like a sister to me. When she was 19 and I was 22, I hadn’t seen her in years and didn’t know she’d run into trouble. I recruited her to help me with the church’s youth group and she was doing amazing. She showed up to everything and was  positive. She loved the Lord and everything was going well.

One day I went outside while we were serving at the church, and she was smoking a cigarette. When she saw me, she threw the cigarette down looking as if her world had shattered, snuffed it out, and said, “Oh no!” I told her I didn’t care if she smoked. She said, “Well, I didn’t want YOU to see me smoking.” After that, she just fizzled out and stopped coming. She did great later in life, but I remember how this moment changed how she saw herself. Many people start going to church or stop going to church for the same reason: They have something in their lives they’re embarrassed about or they sinned. But this is precisely when you should go to church — when you are at your lowest.

Friend, the best time to draw close to the Lord is when you feel the furthest from Him. There will be times when you feel as if you don’t believe in Him, when you have doubts, when you fall off the wagon; whatever it might be. Should that ever happen, all you have to do is come into fellowship with your church or other believers and get help. You are loved by God just as you are!


Thank you, Jesus, for loving me. Help me to draw closer to you.


When you should have drawn closer to God, have you turned away from Him?

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One Response

  1. When life’s road gets bumpy
    And you feel the need to run
    Do you know where you are running
    Or even to or from

    Onward Christian Soldiers
    Run straight to the Lord
    Those who don’t know Jesus
    Must carry their own sword

    Pain and sorrow comes along
    It happens to us all
    It wasn’t God’s original plan
    But started after The Fall

    So life’s question is not when
    It’s not up to us to know
    But we can be prepared
    Which way we will go

    If tragedy befalls you
    Which way will you run
    Away from God because you blame Him
    Or will you run towards His Son

    Jesus is standing, waiting
    Your pain He already knew
    All you have to do is ask
    And He will comfort you

    But if you lack the faith to ask
    And run the other way
    The enemy is also waiting
    With lies he wants to say

    He tells you it is God’s fault
    The trouble that you’re in
    He’d like you to believe
    There’s no such thing as sin

    Satan knows his future
    His final destiny
    He knows God is greater
    But he tries to fool you and me

    God offers heaven
    Satan can only offer Hell
    So he covers it with lies
    Hoping you won’t be able to tell

    Jesus tells us in scripture
    We’ll have trials and tribulation
    But that He overcame the world
    Giving us peace and anticipation

    So, when you feel like running
    It’s okay, if you do
    Just be sure you run to Jesus
    Who is waiting there for you

    Carol Lovell

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