The Best Way to Learn Something

“In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach.”

– Acts 1:1

There are certain things in life that we understand are best learned by teaching. The best way to become something is to become it for a student, to become it for the people you lead, for your children, for your colleagues, or for your neighbors. There are many situations in which we learn by teaching. One man may share that he rises above his hardships, depression, or anxiety by helping others escape their ruts. A woman may lead AA meetings to help her stay sober. Another might say they are a personal trainer so that they can stay fit. I recently heard someone say that most pastors only study their Bibles once a week to prepare for their sermons, and I thought, well that’s pretty good! 

If your only reason for wanting to be a pastor is to read your Bible once a week, then you should do it! This is the secret sauce! My wife Hannah famously says the Bible is a cheat sheet for life as it holds all the wisdom we need. When you recognize that you are salt and light, you will have and receive all the salt and light you need. Your prayers are answered when you recognize that you are the answer to someone else’s prayers. That is the miracle of the Kingdom of God!

Friend, we have the opportunity to be like Jesus as a teacher. When you have your hands closed in a fist as if you want to hold on to something, you cannot receive anything. As a teacher you have to open your hands and your heart. Who does Jesus say the light of the world is? He says it’s you, and that’s a powerful statement!


Father, show me an area where I can be a teacher to others.


How open are your hands and heart to learning from God?

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