“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.”

– Psalm 84:11

Today, we’re going to wrap up our discussion about the three components of a blessed life (that so far include righteousness and wisdom) and “dive” into the final part of the divine triad, which is favor. Though you might have guessed that love was the third side of the “triangle of blessing” we’ve been unpacking, I believe favor is a more comprehensive way of addressing it. While God’s love is constantly in our midst — much like the air we breathe — favor positions us to recognize and receive it. And since it’s an outgrowth of the Lord’s lovingkindness, it finds us in greater measure when we expect to see it revealed. This is why I’m grateful that I had a pastor teach me when I was a young man to pray every day for more of it. You see, as I seek favor, I affirm that the Lord wants to bless me, and I open up a door to see His power manifest in tangible ways. In fact, I encourage all of us to make such affirmations a daily habit in our lives. While they don’t have to be long or fancy, let’s wake up each morning and thank the Lord that His favor surrounds us (Psalm 5:12) and ask Him to open doors for us that no man can shut, shut doors that no man can open, and fill us to overflowing with His presence so that it naturally spills over to all the people we encounter.

My friend, you are chosen, blessed and favored by God! Even if your heart is hurting and you’ve lost more than you feel you can bear, focus on what you have left, thank the Lord that He is still with you, and renew your hope in the fact that good things are coming in your life. Your Heavenly Father loves you immeasurably, and He delights in pouring out His power, strength, and divine presence through your circumstances. The full array of heavenly riches are in His Hands, and He will provide them in perfect measure as you look to Him with simple faith and an expectant posture. No good gift will He withhold from you, His beloved child, and He will restore to you sevenfold everything the devil has stolen. As you make righteousness, wisdom, and favor your highest pursuit, you will inherit a life so blessed that everyone witnessing will want to know its source, and you will be able to tell them!


Jesus, teach me to expect your favor and to look for it in my life every day.


Will you commit to praying every day of the next month for God’s favor?

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  1. Great words of wisdom Bobby right now my husband and I are fighting Corvid and these prayers help us heal God bless you and your great work in Jesus name we pray for and end to this sickness and the government discord over Donald Trump when they should be concentrating on getting this country back on is feet !!!!

  2. I feel I have been so blessed and more is to come every day. Thank you for being his vessel with the wonderful words that come from God

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