The Blessing of Hospitality

“Let me get you something to eat, so you can be refreshed and then go on your way—now that you have come to your servant.”

– Genesis 18:5

For Christians, Abraham is seen as the “father of the faith” and is honored for his obedience. As people of faith, we can follow in his footsteps with a sense of purpose and calling. Abraham, who received great blessings from the Lord, lived out His purpose, which included being a hospitable person. We also see the example of hospitality through many of the great men and women of the Bible.

One of my favorite stories that I was meditating on this morning is when Abraham meets the three men as found in Genesis chapter eighteen. These men, who are of God, were walking aways off when Abraham saw them. He runs out to them and invites them to come to his tent. He realizes they are from God, possibly they’re two angels and God, or three angels, or perhaps it’s the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — we don’t know. But this encounter is of God; it’s of Heaven. Abraham invites these three men to his tent, and what does he do? Well, he washes their feet and gives them something to drink, and then he and his family prepare a feast for them. He talks to them, welcomes them, and cares for them. 

Friend, the aim of God is for us to outwardly demonstrate a sense of reaching out to people while being kind, just, merciful, and loving. This principle is not only in the New Testament, but it’s in the Old Testament, too. In the Book of Leviticus, God tells the Jewish people to love your neighbor as yourself. He says to welcome the unfamiliar, reach out to the hurting, care for the poor, and leave portions of your field unharvested so that the poor can gather. We can demonstrate God’s love in these same ways.


Jesus, thank you for using me to show your love through hospitality.


Have you welcomed, and cared for someone you did not know? How were they refreshed by your hospitality?

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