The Business of Good Will

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us — yes, establish the work of our hands.“

– Psalms 90:17

In the course of buying or selling a business, you certainly assess the income, but you also examine what is known as goodwill. The business of goodwill refers to intangible assets such as your customer base and product popularity. What is the culture of your company? What is the perception of leadership among the employees? Does this company have a bright future?

I have a memorable story of goodwill when we started our first church in Orange, California. We were a group of young people who wanted to start a church, but we had no resources. There was a building we were interested in, but property management wanted thousands of dollars a week. It was totally out of our price range, but we did it anyway. In our first year, we were led by the Holy Spirit to give away 90% of the tithes and offerings to the poor and homeless, including paying people’s rent and buying groceries. In spite of the fact that I did not take a salary, God provided for my family’s needs. A member of our congregation generously renovated the building for no fee, and then property management agreed to let us rent it for only $100 a week! Another family paid for our $100-a-week lease, so the ministry had no rent obligation. As a result, we never lacked anything. God’s goodwill is amazing, isn’t it? 

Friend, God’s goodness comes full circle. It is my belief that goodwill exists in your life as well! Regardless of whether you have money or not, you can have a great future if you have an abundant supply of goodwill. Whenever you express goodwill through your love, service, and actions, God will reveal it to others and they will in turn bless you.


Father, in my life, I ask for your goodwill to be present.


In what ways have people shown you goodwill?

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