The Cornerstone of History

“For in Scripture it says: ‘See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.’”

– 1 Peter 2:6

I have good news for you today: things may be getting darker but that means you’re getting brighter! Even though the days are getting colder, you’re getting warmer, because I believe that God does some of His greatest work in our lives in our darkest hours. Redemption is possible because of one Man who altered the course of history from the moment of His birth.

You see, everything changed at year zero. Human history has two epochs, BC and AD, and they revolve around one thing — Christmas. Although BC technically means “Before Christ,” we can just as well call it “Before Christmas,” because it basically implies the same thing. When we look at history, year one is the year Jesus was born, and AD stands for Anno Domini, which means “Year of Our Lord” in Latin. The reason all of human history, including every religion, world view, and nationality, breaks down time to AD and BC is due to the weight and impact of the birth of Christ. Everything changed in the coming of the real person of Jesus because, in His body, He brought Heaven to earth. He carried all the possibilities of the Kingdom of God with Him in His very flesh, and He made the abundance of Heaven open up to you and me. On AD one, we entered into the year of our Lord and His Kingdom invaded earth!

Friend, you are living in the year of God and anything is possible! What was prophesied for hundreds of years is that the hope of the world, Jesus Christ, would come…and he did. This is wonderful news for you and me because with Him, there is limitless hope, possibility and potential. We serve a God Who says it’s only over when you’re dead, and even when you die, things get better! This is why, no matter where you are, blessings are in store for you if you respond in faith. The birth of Jesus turned the tide of human history and you are the benefactor of everything that He brought to this world! Isn’t that amazing news?


I am blessed and honored, Jesus, that I can have a relationship with you, the center of human history. Thank you for calling me your own.


How has knowing Jesus transformed your life and given you a living hope?

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