“So do not fear, for I am with you;
 do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
 I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

One of the best ways you can grow in your relationship with God is to bond deeply with others. That is how you break the bondage of sin in your life. No, it’s not by trying harder. Since you’ve already been forgiven by the cross and resurrection of Jesus, the most practical way to break the bondage of sin and addiction in your life is by bonding deeply with other believers. That’s it! Bonding deeply is the cure! When people are alcoholics or addicted to substances and have gotten better, it’s because they have friends in their lives and a program that teaches them bond deeper with God and with people.  


Dear God, help me bond deeply with God and my friends. Help me heal from the bondage of sin.


How can you allow yourself to bond with God?

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10 Responses

  1. I was very interested in hearing your msg’s on having friend’s and familie, bonding with them, being High Maintanance.
    I would love that for myself, but, with a familie who only accept my in name as a sister/Aunt ( I am single, and accept my singleness as a gift from God). and a church that I have only been going too for a few months, will not as yet accept me into their familie, I find myself very much on my own and very alone, and really not sure how to handle the situation.
    The Lord has just shown me so much and my desire is to Love Him more and serve Him. If this could possibly find it’s way to your prayer list I would be so grateful. Listening to your services makes me uplifted, it’s as if I am there, though in fact I live in England.
    Keep up the teaching and the services.
    Thank you
    God Loves You and So do I

    1. Dear Rose Marie,
      I’m so sorry to hear you have not been accepted by your new church family. I know how important that is because I have a strong church family. Maybe it’s time to search out a new church. You are not alone, because you are a previous child of God. Talk to Him all the time and trust in Him and yourself, you CAN do it! You are loved!

    2. Dear Rose Marie,

      A wise person said, “If you are easily provoked, then just
      change the channel.” If people in that church don’t accept
      you, keep looking for one that does. Matthew 7:7 says to seek and you shall find. Keep seeking dear sister in Christ.

    3. I don’t know if Rose Marie will receive this message or not, but I want to encourage her! It sounds like she and I have some life similarities and situations surrounding singleness. I am so glad to hear that she has embraced her situation. While I have as well, I do pray that God will send me a godly man to share life, but always and only if His will. Sometimes it is difficult not having someone in your life in the capacity of a husband, but God has shown me that HE is mine and more than I need! The more I’ve depended on the Lord, the closer it has brought me to Him and the peace and comfort and help are beyond words. The more I move toward Him, the further I get from the world and the things in life that are not eternal and being single becomes less and less an issue and more of a blessing. Whether you are married or single, put your trust, hope and dependence on God because no human being can provide that for you, only Jesus! Thank you Hour of Power folks!

  2. Oh how I can relate to you…when I was first divorced, I moved to a new province and I had this same issue of being accepted.

    I recently moved to Saint Lucia have not got involved in a church but do have many christian friends…
    Blessed to be a blessing to others.

  3. I do receive Positive minute, have been for years and so look forward to reading them every morning !!!!!!!!

  4. My bonding with God occurred on the day I took my life out of the hands of a fool —-me—-and turned my life over to God ridding myself of a life consuming addiction but enjoying the benefits of Gods guidance and direction.

  5. Please Pray for me. I have depression and anxiety and it is getting worse(I take meds for it), I have fianancial problems because of having to pay for my car problems and because of this I am always fighting with my other half and it makes me cry and give me headaches. I Pray to GOD every day, but I need others to pray for me also. GOD BLESS YOU

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