The Devil is Defeated

“And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

– Genesis 3:15

I can’t imagine what God felt at the moment Adam and Eve rebelled against His perfect plan. He must have been crushed, and I’m certain that his anger burned against Satan. After all, the lineage of mankind — the glory of His Creation — was now tainted by sin, and He wanted to make sure that such an atrocity never happened again. To seal the deal, He cursed the devil and his forces of darkness forever. Though there would be an ongoing battle, or enmity, between humanity and demonic powers, He promised that one day, the father of lies would be crushed on the head and defeated. This means that now, while our adversary can still inflict surface wounds, he can do nothing to alter the certainty of his fate. He is destined for destruction, and this is made especially clear in the original language. The imagery depicted in the Hebrew text of Genesis 3:15 conveys that just as the serpent jumped up to strike the woman’s heel, the heel came down on his head. In other words, in the very act of biting, he was crushed and destroyed. Of course, this foreshadowed the cross, where Jesus — whose agonizing and excruciating death looked like sure victory for the devil — rose again to conquer him forever. Just as he “bit” the Son of God on the foot, the powers of Heaven descended in full force to strike him a fatal blow right on the head, and this means we can live in triumph!

My friend, you are an heir to the overcoming victory of your Savior, so you can escape Satan’s snare and avoid his slimy traps. Though there will always be a battle raging over your life, in Christ, the forces of hell can annoy you, but they can’t destroy you! You are covered by the blood of the Lamb, and He lives to expose every one of the devil’s schemes. His cross has the final word, and as you take authority over evil in His Name, His light will pierce the darkness, and you will be delivered as a living testimony to the watching world.


Jesus, thank you for crushing the head of the serpent when you died on the cross. Even when he bites my heel, help me to receive your victory.


Was there ever a time in your life when the Lord took something that the enemy tried to harm you with and turned it into good?

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  1. Thank you for the ministry of Hour of Power. I pray that “zoom men’s small groups” would be created for discussion of the weekly telecast and / or daily devotionals.

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