“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.”

Proverbs 29:25

Yesterday I mentioned there is actually a positive aspect to fear and stress. Today, I want you to see stress as something that grows you, but even more importantly, I want you to picture fear as a person or thing guarding something that’s important to you. Your fear is a character in your story, and it needs to be named and destroyed. This is the gift of fear: If you are afraid of something, it means that the thing “fear” is guarding is important to you. It means you are to value it.

Let me say this another way. Our fears about our work, our calling, or circumstances that cause us the most mental and emotional resistance are a compass. They are signs that point in the direction of where we need to go. Usually, the thing that scares you the most is the biggest indicator of where you’re supposed to go next in life. It’s usually connected to what you have been called to do. If you play a video game and never encounter any extreme challenges, or “bosses” as they call them, you aren’t playing it right.

Friend, we all have challenges we need to address. Maybe you need to reconcile with your kids, be serious about your faith, ask for a raise at work, or get that spot on your back checked. In life there are things that are extremely important that we’re afraid to do for whatever reason. The more you put it off, the greater the sign from God that you should do it. Do it now so that you can reach your goals and realize your dreams. Don’t give in to the resistance, press against it, and your world will become bigger and better as a result. I can assure you of this!


Father, help me overcome my fears and move forward in life.


Do you have a sign from God to complete something?

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