“He made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down.”

– Psalm 104:19

If you’re like me, you are now fully immersed in the busyness of the Christmas season, which is (ideally) full of the love of family and friends, the warmth of good food, and the glow of decorations and lights. However, it’s also wintertime, which happens to naturally be the coldest and darkest part of the year. So the warmth of Christmas counteracts the chill of winter. The question I pose to you today is: which one will you embrace?

As we go into this season, there is a tendency to get negative. You may even hear people say that suicides are at their highest in December, but did you know that’s not true at all? It’s an old wives tale; the highest rates of suicide are actually in the spring. Christmas has one of the lowest rates of suicide because people are getting together, hanging out, and connecting deeply with others. They’re taking a break from work, and often catching a fresh vision for their lives, especially with the dawn of a new year. Beyond that, they are being blessed by giving and thinking about the needs of others before their own. All these things are part of the blessing of the holidays

Friend, I believe that God has a gift for you in this winter season; He doesn’t want this to be a dark and downer time. Even though the days are getting shorter, the lights are dimming because a great show is about to happen. Something good is coming and Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to step away from the daily routine and take time to evaluate your life so that you can start building your dreams. Think about where you can go in the next year with Jesus, what you can accomplish in His strength and where He is leading you. Take a break and give yourself permission to have a winter season. Just as crops need the cold in order to grow, so you need time to rest, reflect, commemorate God’s faithfulness, and build His best in your life. Good things are coming, so embrace this holiday season with His hope in your heart!


Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of winter. I pray for special moments with you this season as I seek your best for my future; may hope come alive in my heart this Christmas.


How is winter a gift to you? How can you fully embrace the season?

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  1. I embrace the winter season by remembering that although it is a dark and cold part of the year.A beautiful miracle starts to occur. And that happens in Bethlehem when Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Messiah is born. His heavenly light pours down
    upon all to give warmth and cheer. So we all can celebrate the true meaning of what it is. A day when all gather with their families and friends in the various churches to sing timeless Christmas Carols and hear the beloved story. We also mustn’t forget that there are many other people of different faiths who do not share in our beliefs, I want to wish all at Shepherd’s Grove/Hour of Power a blessed Merry Christmas and a faith filled Happy New Year. And love to Pastor Bobby Schuller and his beautiful family.May God bless them and their ministry.PS Keep the faith and hope alive

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