Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

– Hebrews 11:1

Faith is a gift. If you don’t have the confidence to believe that God will provide for you, I encourage you to ask for more faith. He can take a trust as tiny as a mustard seed and grow it into something beyond comprehension.

Let me challenge you with this thought: you may actually have more faith than you think you do. For example, if you drove to your job today, you had faith that your car would get you there. You placed your confidence in that machine and you trusted that as you steered, it would go where you wanted it to. You also had faith in the stoplights you encountered and put trust in the other drivers that they would follow the rules of the road. You believed that when you went through a green light, they were not going to run through the intersection from another direction. Although it may seem simplistic, this is a lot exercising faith in the Kingdom of God.

When you trust Jesus with your life, you’re believing that even though you don’t always feel safe, you will be protected. When you can’t see Him, you know that He is taking care of you and that He will do what He says He will. As long as He is in the driver’s seat of your life, He will get you safely to your next destination.


God, thank you for filling my heart with faith so that I can trust fully and confidently in you.


In which areas of your life do you have great faith? In which areas do you need to ask Jesus for more?

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  1. The areas of your life which we have great faith is healing deliverance emotions restoration having the Holy Spirit guiding myself on decision making & experiencing true worship praising the LORD daily! To ask JESUS for more showing The Love OF GOD to others believing the best always continual prayer & fasting to be baptized immersed in water healing deliverance in my mind, body, spirit , & soul on a daily basis!

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