The Grass Really Isn’t Greener

“Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else.”

– Galatians 6:4

I recently heard a commentator say, “Back in my day, you would open the newspaper and read about the terrible things that were happening around the world or the horrible thing that happened to another person, and you’d say, ‘Man, I’m glad I’m not that guy.’ But today, it’s the opposite. You open Facebook and Instagram and all you see are people posting their best life. Few show themselves weeping or unable to pay a bill or sitting on the couch feeling lonely.” His words struck me, and as I took a moment to think about them, I realized I couldn’t agree more with his assessment. The world has become increasingly prideful and vain, and people are more than willing to show off their best life (accidentally, of course). Unfortunately, social media is a very convenient way to do this. By creating a “perfect” reality, there’s a temptation to fool others into believing that we’re somehow better off than the guy next store. Sadly, we ingest these false projections and quickly fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. 

Friend, allow me to quote Mark Twain in saying that “comparison is the death of joy,” and remind you that as a human being, you will always compare up, never down. However, if you want to embrace the season you’re in, you must surrender the temptation to equate your circumstances with those of people you know nothing about. Sometimes God calls you to be in the valley or in the fire, and that’s okay. Everyone endures seasons of suffering, and the key to navigating yours well is to not covet the life of another. Stay in your lane, embrace your reality, and allow Jesus to give you the grace to get through each day.


Jesus, I pray for contentment to stay in my lane, whether in a season of joy or suffering.


Does social media cause you to compare yourself to others?

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One Response

  1. Social Media can be also a fountain of the good things God did and is doing in some-body’s life. Therefor to tell about that is in the honour of God. Illness or health, dead or life, circumstances bad or good, nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Day by day He is carrying us, this God is our salvation.
    Should not we talk about the glory of Him?
    Even theodicee cannot declare His ways, only with eyes of faith we can come nearer to the mystery of God. Jesus showed us!
    Mercy with the suffering world and love is the answer. His guidance will be there for sure! Born again by the Spirit gives life everlasting. Sinners reconciled with God.

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