The Hidden Things of the Heart

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

– Luke 8:17

Yesterday, we talked about how it’s possible that the Roman Empire fell because everything in their culture centered around the external. Although what was visible was attended to with great care, what was hidden was practically overlooked. While this was a prevailing Gentile philosophy in those times, it stands in stark contrast to the Jews, who consistently prized the inner life over the outer. In fact, in looking at the ruins of the Hebrew temple, it’s been noted by archeologists that every single stone had an ornate carving on its exterior. While you would expect that only those that were apparent to the eye would be given such great time and attention, even the stones underground had intricate designs. You see, unlike the Romans — who cared primarily about what was seen — the Lord’s people were all about the hidden things of the heart. They understood that it’s the less obvious parts of a life that matter most, because the foundation, though not visible, provides the support upon which everything else is built and sustained. 

My friend, it’s the hidden things that are of the greatest importance. While the culture around you is focused on external measures of success, you thrive when you give priority to what’s inside. As you take ownership of your thoughts, your relationships, and your character — striving to live with integrity above all else — your life becomes a sweet sacrifice to the Lord, and He strategically places you in a position of support to others. When you build your existence on the foundation of His Word and allow His standard to sharpen yours, you become a strong tower, and your rooted and grounded heart offers a source of shelter and protection to many. 


Jesus, search the hidden parts of me, and make me more like you on the inside.


What hidden parts of you — those that the world can’t see — do you need to let God work on?


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