The Honor of Carrying His Name

“Then all the peoples on earth will see that you are called by the name of the Lord, and they will fear you.”

– Deuteronomy 28:10

To be an ambassador for Jesus is essentially to carry His Name. But what exactly does that mean? Interestingly, when we refer to God, we are denoting His office or the authority that He holds (in this case, over all of Creation). However, when we refer to Yahweh, we are calling Him by His proper name. You see, not only does the Lord have the deity and divinity that make Him God, but He has a distinct character and personality, and these are revealed in His Name. To help you better understand what I’m saying, I’ll use myself as an example. The office I currently hold is that of pastor, so if you were to shout out, “Hey Pastor,” you would be identifying me by my title, not by my name. However, if you said, “Hey Bobby,” you would be calling me by my name as opposed to identifying my office. Of course, if you said, “Hey Pastor Bobby,” you would be referring to both my name and my office, and thereby recognizing my title while also acknowledging that I’m a distinct individual. But what does all of this have to do with faith, you ask? Just this — that although we will never hold the office of God, in our salvation, He has given us His Name. By making us members of His household, He has endowed us with authority, and He has granted to us the honor of knowing and carrying His character and nature. In short, He has filled us with His Holy Spirit so we can be living, breathing examples of His righteousness, justice, goodness, and most importantly, His love. 

My friend, you bear the Name of Almighty God! While it’s important to revere His office and remain humble under His Hand, you can boldly embrace the blessing bestowed upon you when you were adopted into His family. Wherever you go, no matter how treacherous or perilous it gets, He is your banner, and you walk as one protected, empowered, and equipped to take a stand for His Kingdom. He is an awesome Savior, and He wondrously chose you to reveal His image to a world that is increasingly pervaded by behavior that stands in opposition to His character. Knowing the divine nature of your commission, you can stand strong and trust His mighty Hand to lead, guide, protect, and sustain your mission as you courageously carry His likeness to everyone around you! 


Jesus, thank you for giving me your Name. Use my life to boldly demonstrate the wonder of who you are.


What does it mean to you to have God’s Name?


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