“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

– Psalm 27:14

A while back, I had blurred vision and some other strange symptoms, so I went to the doctor. He put a flashlight in my eyes, did a couple of diagnostics, and then nonchalantly exclaimed, “I think you might have a brain tumor.” After I recovered from my shock, I asked him a few questions and made an appointment to have a scan that he had recommended. On my way out after having the test, I asked how long it would be before the results were in, and they told me it would be no more than three to four weeks! I remember thinking then and there, how am I going to wait that long? As you might imagine, those were some of the longest days of my life; however, they were also some of the most surrendered. Though everything turned out fine, in the midst of my concern, I was forced to contemplate the issue of my own mortality, and I experienced a serenity and assurance of faith that was unlike anything I had previously known. You see, for the child of God, there’s something about those in-between periods that is both profound and precious. 

My friend, don’t run from the in-between seasons of life. As much as you want to move safely from one certainty to the next, remember that character is forged and faith grows in the midst of the unknown. Embrace the uncomfortable feelings of waiting, and resist the urge to shy away from your fears. Instead, bring all of your questions to Jesus and allow Him to transform your doubts into something glorious. Lay your life at the feet of your Lord, meditate on His promises, and remember that you are perfectly loved and never alone! 


Jesus, I give you the in-between seasons of my life and I ask you to meet and strengthen me in them.


Are you in an in-between season right now? If so, how can you lean into Jesus as you wait?

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