The Kingdom of God is Within You

“And he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.“

– Luke 9:2

Yesterday we discussed how Jesus had been summoned by one of the synagogue leaders to heal his daughter, but was interrupted and healed a woman who had a bleeding disorder for twelve years. Today, we return to our discussion of the 12-year-old girl’s miraculous healing. By the time Jesus arrives at Jairus’ house, his daughter is already deceased. She must have been deceased for some time because now people have gathered; they are weeping, wailing, and they are already beginning to sing dirges, which are songs of mourning for the dead. 

When Jesus came into the house, although the people were weeping and mourning, He told them to relax and not weep; she wasn’t dead, she was just asleep. Immediately, they go from mourning to laughing at Him. Is it really mourning if a group of people go from mourning to laughing and mocking? I believe it was just for show. After Jesus moves the mockers out of the room, he invites Peter, John, and James, along with the child’s parents to enter. As soon as He picks up the girl by her hand, she is raised from the dead.

Friend, this is the miracle-filled world Jesus lives in every day. Right now, He is inviting you into this miraculous world. What does He say the Kingdom of God is? It is near at hand. In Luke 17, Jesus says that people will proclaim that the Kingdom of God exists somewhere else, but it is actually within you. Living in power means believing and accessing this whole miraculous world, all that moves and shakes, doesn’t make sense, and breaks the laws of physics. It is possible to take hold of this amazing world within you with the help of the Holy Spirit! 



Father, I am deeply grateful to you for your miraculous healing power.


Have you ever thought about having access to this miraculous world?

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  1. This is a big thought, I am open and curious and hope to receive this truth down deep so I can walk it out for me and others’

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