“The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”

– Mark 1:15

What is the Kingdom of God? It’s interesting how many of us who have been in church for most of our lives have difficulty answering that question. Some of you might say the answer is Jesus, or the cross, or Heaven, or forgiveness, and indeed, it is all of those things, but The Kingdom of God is even more than that!

On earth, human beings have their own little kingdoms, or domains, all of which are collectively enveloped by larger kingdoms. For example, my kingdom is subject to my family structure, my workplace and the city, state and country in which I live. My will is my own, but it is still contingent on the authority of other kingdoms. What happens in the “big picture” is that little kingdoms are encased by medium-sized kingdoms that conglomerate to form one large kingdom that the Bible calls the Kingdom of Earth. This huge network of authority, wills, and spirits, which are constantly conflicting and negotiating with each other, create the world as we know it. And, quite frankly, it doesn’t seem to be going too well, does it? This is why the Kingdom of God is really good news!

When Jesus came to live among us, He brought the world under the authority of something even greater and more vast than all the kingdoms of this earth — His Name. Through Him, everything is made right: broken hearts are mended, suffering souls are cared for, wrongs are redeemed, and miracles happen. As bodies of believers take their little kingdoms and submit them to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Good News of the Gospel is proclaimed loudly, in both word and deed! 


Jesus, help me to submit my earthly kingdom to your Heavenly Kingdom. I want your fullness to come to the world in and through me.


How can you surrender your earthly kingdom to God’s Kingdom? What do you think might happen as a result?

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