“Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”

– Jeremiah 17:14

Redemption is a major theme in the Bible. Much more than just rescuing souls, however, this “buying back” on God’s part involves taking the shamed, battered, bruised and broken parts of human lives and restoring them by His grace. The truth is that a person’s most deeply hidden wounds are of great value in Heaven’s eyes. These profound places — not readily shared or seen — house the seeds of potential that have the power to change the world. The trick is bringing them into the light. Just as nothing planted can flourish without the warmth of the sun, divine redemption comes by a willingness to open up our true selves, first to God and then to others. By being honest about our struggles and exposing our vulnerabilities to safe people, the Lord will work through our stories to both heal us and bless those who’ve endured similar pain. 

My friend, there is priceless treasure inside of you, and the things you think separate you from God and others are actually the most precious. Your Savior wants to heal you from the inside out so He can use you to deliver hope and help to people — you just need to tell your story. As you allow the light of truth to shine on your points of deepest pain and open up your heart to those who are desperate to know that they are not alone, the Lord will position you as a leader and expand your influence. Redemption reaches its highest form when God’s radiance thaws the parts of you that have been long-frozen, and then His love in you melts the walls and heals the wounds of others. 


Jesus, shine your healing light on my pain so that it becomes a source of empowerment to others.


What is your deepest pain, shame, or struggle? Have you brought it into the Lord’s light?


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