The Little Things Matter

“Now Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, performed great wonders and signs among the people.”

– Acts 6:8

There’s an interesting story in Acts that illustrates the fact that the little things in life are important. In Acts, the apostles tell the church that they need someone to care for the widows, to handle the little things, so they can go preach and pray like God called them to do. A guy named Stephen, who is just an everyday kind of guy, raises his hand and says he will do it. And he was one of seven men chosen to care for the widows. Guess what the Bible says about Stephen? Out of all of them, including the apostles, he was the one who performed many miracles and delivered the best sermons. The apostles’ focus was on preaching and praying, but Stephen was the greatest of them because he was willing to do the little things they neglected. Little things matter!

And don’t forget that it’s the little things that can also tear you apart. Germs are microorganisms that you can only view under a microscope but they stopped the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Calories are unseen, but they sure do sneak up on us. I ordered the salad at California Pizza Kitchen because I wanted to eat healthy. Then California passed a law that requires chains to display their foods’ calories. Surprisingly, the lowest calorie item was the cheese pizza with 1,100 calories. My delicious salad had almost 1,700 calories! Calories are little things, but they add up.

Friend, you become a bigger person by doing the little things. Don’t ignore them. God sees the little things you do! Our God can see what we do even when no one else can see it. It’s up to us to let Him see it. What a great piece of wisdom that is!


Father, encourage me to do the little things even if no one else notices.


Are you able to see and accomplish small tasks that others have overlooked?

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11 Responses

  1. Thank you Lord and thank you Bobby for such a great word!! Hallelujah to the Highest forevermore and thank You Father for caring about the little things, such as the sparrows, the hairs on my head and each and everyone of us!!

  2. This column is greatly appreciated. Every reminder of God’s greatness is a blessing to all. God bless you all for sharing with us. I deal with severe chronic back pain on a daily basis. Knowledge of God’s Presence is all that keeps me going.

  3. It’s very important for us to do the little things in this life. Sometimes the little things are a gift to others and to yourself. God wants us to put others first and show compassion and love and respect for people in need.

  4. As,one grows older,one becomes wiser,to a certain extent,that yes,even if others don’t notice the lil things one does,with GOD,they don’t.He knows all,it blows my mind,how GOD can do all at once,sees all at once,that IS what makes him;LORD..He likes the lil things,they add up,too!Humbleness come in these unoticed lil things,while those who need attention tend to do the big things for attention.This was a really good note..Thank you!

  5. Your words help me go back to my bible and rely on the Lord as my life has so many changes that I never anticipated. I pray the Lord helps me cope with all these changes and distance from my family.

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