“For, ’Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?’ But we have the mind of Christ.”

– 1 Corinthians 2:16

Here’s a thought for the day: The mind is like a dry new sponge. This is the nature of the mind. Once you drop your new sponge in a bucket of muddy water and pull it out; what’s inside? Water that is muddy, dirty, bacteria-laden, and gross. The sponge can be very difficult to clean again, especially if it is mud from Oklahoma, where I grew up. It stains and is red in color. Suppose you drop a brand new sponge into a swimming pool full of Evian water and then pull it out. What do you get? A sponge filled with delicious, drinkable water straight from the French Alps!

What do I mean by the mind being a sponge? It’s important for your mind to be in a healthy environment. What’s in the bucket your sponge is in? Consider the following environmental factors: The music you listen to, the language you hear around you, what you watch on YouTube or Netflix, and the friends or acquaintances you spend time with. If you think of your mind as a sponge, it will absorb everything you put into it and in front of it!

Friend, if you grew up in a religious environment, you probably heard this in the form of avoiding all the negative images, words, and music. This concept also works the other way: Spend time with positive people in a positive environment. Listen to the kind of words that will lift you up. Train your mind to become who you want to be by listening to worship music, or podcasts and videos that will emulate good habits. Become full of all the positives that will make your life better. You can change your whole destination by changing one thought! 


Father, help me monitor my environment with things that are beneficial for my well-being.


Are you surrounded by a healthy environment for your mind?

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  1. I had watched todays service and found it very informative on problems we all face on a daily bases. Also I totally agree with all you said about it, and on how to deal with it. Because I am going through such times in times like this right now as I’m sure everybody is as well. I would like to thank you Bobby and the Hour of Power for being out there and providing your service to everyone and anyone who wants to know how to connect closer too God and His word on faith, by adding trust The Word to lead us on the right road and the right choice we make all the day long, each and everyday we have throughout our lives. Amen, and thank’ s be to God for He is Good! Amen.

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