The Mountain In Between

“And it will be said: ‘Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.’ ”

– Isaiah 57:14

Sometimes in life, a mountain stands between you and something you want. That something you want is your life’s vision. Everyone has a vision for their lives, some have a big vision, some have a small vision, but we all have one. We actually have two visions: one of what we’d like to be and one of where we think we’re headed. If you can get these two visions to line up , then you’ll be on the right track. 

You have a vision of what your character will be, how your moral life will be, and how it will feel to wake up in the morning and be you. You have a vision of experiencing life with your children, grandchildren, or spouse. You may not want children or a spouse, but you envision a spiritual family of friends who are like brothers and sisters to you. There’s a vision for the kind of community you desire and what it’s like to spend time with the people you care about.

Friend, perhaps, most importantly, you have a vision of your call and the great work you were sent here to do. You may possess many significant dreams in your heart — we move from one calling to another. Maybe it’s a work of art, a book, a ministry, or building a business. If, in between all your progress, some type of mountain seems to always impede the path, don’t give up. Remember, the vision and the provision both come from God! Prayerfully ask God to keep you focused so that the success of the visions comes to pass. 


Father, I ask you to keep me focused so I can accomplish the visions you have given me.


What is the best way you can remember that both the vision and provision come from God as you work through your mountains?

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  1. Thanks Bobby, and your right about a vision, and I’m working on it but I also think your devotionals help keep me focused on my vision. Like the Lord speaking through you, and I pick up on sound advice, thanks to the Hour of Power, your service and everyone involved, may God bless you all. Amen.

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