“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” -Romans 12:10

I believe the greatest human need is dignity. Yet, so often, things that we do in life – whether it’s parenting, or doing our job, or working in ministry – many of those little things can feel thankless, especially when nobody notices.

But, when you’re doing little tasks in life, and someone says, “Thank you for doing that for me.” Or, “I know you know you sweep the floors every day and that nobody notices, but I do.” Or, “You do a lot of things for our organization that nobody knows, but I want you to know I notice and I’m thankful.”

Something about a sincere compliment ascribes the deep need of dignity to the individual who receives it. Saying thank you credits dignity, value, and worth to a human being. And human beings need it often, not just occasionally. The world is hard on people and they need your encouragement more often than you may realize.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, may I be one who notices the little things that people do for others and for me. Help me find the words to honor them and help them realize their value as one of your beloved children. Amen.

REFLECTION: How does a sincere compliment for something you’ve done for others affect your heart?

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