“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

– Genesis 50:20

When we have a dream, a goal, or an assignment that is God’s calling on our lives, the challenge we face is that there always seems to be an obstacle in the way! The obstacle, or roadblock, derails our progress along our path, no matter where we go. Sometimes it feels as if something substantial has blocked the freeway of our lives and we are unable to move forward. We tell God that an obstacle stands in our way. And how does He respond to us? He says, “The obstacle IS the way.”

The obstacles are what helps us grow. Over the past few days, I shared that “Fire thrives on obstacles.” If you are fire, you need obstacles. Fire needs things in its way if it is to burn. When you are a fire, you need a fight, and this is what we are called to do. We need obstacles because they create us, build us, and recreate us. The older we get, the more important they become so that we don’t fall into life’s ruts that so easily entangle us. Amen!

Friend, some of our obstacles are obvious, like a legal battle, a health concern, or financial difficulty. Believe it or not, we need them to build us. Then there’s the not-so-obvious obstacles like procrastination or wasting too much time on our phones. Don’t ask the Lord to make it easier, ask Him to make you stronger as you progress. Rather than asking the Lord to prepare the road for you, ask Him to prepare you for the road. We pray to God: God, make us stronger, bigger, worthy of the fight, worthy of the journey, and worthy of our calling. He will help us get there and help us grow!


Father, as I pursue my dreams, give me the strength to overcome obstacles.


Do you pray that God will prepare you for the journey ahead?

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  1. I agree with the prayer and the message in our everyday journey of life, because we need these obstacles so that we learn by them as we grow stronger, for the times ahead are changing to fast to keep us in the same place to long. Maybe try the back door instead for a change? Thank’ s Bobby, I think God is using you to reach all of us in some way or another.

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