“So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me.

– Acts 27:25

Today I want to share a lesson in faith as shared by my wife, Hannah, who grew up in a small college town in Oklahoma. At the time, her family was assisted by the government through food stamps and section eight housing. Hannah tells the story of her and her Mom at the laundromat, discovering a $20 food stamp had gone through the laundry. Of course, it was now in little paper balls and shredded. Her mom was ready to throw it away, but a  very young Hannah urged her mother, “Don’t throw it away, I think I can save it!”

So she took these little pieces home with her mom’s permission. Her mom said, “If you can save it, you can have it.” She carefully pulled out every little bit and taped it all together with scotch tape to where it looked pretty decent. Then she went down to the local market and got $20 worth of candy, which back then a whole dollar went a long way! Can you imagine this little girl, cute as a button with this food stamp? She had faith enough to hand it to the cashier — and he took it!

Friend, is this not the picture of faith? You know ego gets in the way so often, but faith says it’s not how good the food stamp looks, it’s what it says on the bill. A life of faith is not about how things look, or how you feel, it’s whether or not you believe that the words on the contract are valid. I believe that these types of experiences build a person and build their faith and trust in Jesus!


Father, help me to walk in faith and believe in your word. Show me how to have faith like a little child.


Do you recall pictures of faith in your life? In what areas are you asking God to build your faith?

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