The Picture Your Heart Paints

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips.”

– Proverbs 4:23,24

The words you speak in life are coming from your own heart and painting a picture of your life. I’ll illustrate this with a great story! While walking down the road, a man sees two artists painting a scene of the Los Angeles landscape. He sees a woman painting a beautiful picture, set on a hill, the Hollywood sign, gorgeous art deco buildings, new cars, people dressed up, and a sunny day in Southern California. As the next guy paints the same landscape, you see chain-link fences, people doing drugs, a lot of gray, spray paint, trash, and litter. The interesting thing is that both painters are seeing the same thing, but they’re expressing and experiencing it differently.

Life is very much like this —  what you see on a canvas is the artist’s heart. The words that you speak in life come from your own heart, and they paint a picture of your life. Every time you speak, it’s like paint coming out of your mouth and coloring a picture of your present and your future. In creation, we see that God created everything with His words. Also, we see that the whole creation, in its perfection and beauty, was uncreated, was undone, also with words. The serpent asks Eve one single question – “Did God really say…” And that question alone has caused more harm today and continues to reverberate.

Friend, in contrast to Adam and Eve, we can trust the Word of God and stake our lives on it. As a result, you become an endorser of words that create life. This is exactly what the word of God is, words that save, words that rescue, words that turn lives around!


Father, help me use my words to paint the picture you have for me.


Are you able to trust and rely on the Word of God?

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9 Responses

  1. Thank you for these inspiring words.
    Love watching hour of power on YouTube since I don’t live in your area. Bobby has a heartfelt way of preaching which I really enjoy.

  2. The person who painted the chain link fence and drugs , maybe that WAS their REAL lufe. I know all you say in your devotion is trueBut telling people to JUST change their words is UNREALISTIC snd very over simplified. People NEED real tangible help, resources, support, real iive people coming along side them in concrete ways. Why don’t you preach that. I have been s single mom for 32 yesrs. I left the church because I see how clicky , fake and uncaring religious people are!

    1. Julie Hutt,

      If I may call you Julie, I am the eldest son of a single mom of seven, my father was not present for many years even when he was present, if you know what I mean. We attended a Catholic school and church for our grammar school years, and I found out later in life that she had to fight with the church for them let her seven children attend school, and not pay the tuition. we all had to put money in little envelopes on Sunday and on Monday we were chastised and embarrassed in class for giving too little. This put a sour taste in my mouth for the church and when I turned eighteen, I walked away from the church and joined the Navy. I sent part of my pay to her to help but also found out she did not spend it all but saved most of it for me. In my heart she is a saint and Hope your children will feel that same way about you when they are older. I agree that more should be done for those who need help. You cannot teach a hungry or homeless person or someone that feels left behind until they are lifted physically you cannot lift them spiritually. I did not impose my beliefs on my children but by the grace of God they found their own way to him. I managed to lift my family out of poverty, but it took me till I was seventy to find my way back to Him. I found a small congregation of good and generous people to help me back to Him. We also try to pay it forward when we can. Hopefully, you can also. I will pray that you do. If you want to talk further I have included my email address.

  3. I have no creative skills in this world whatsoever. Being reminded that God created the heavens and the earth with words, inspires me to do my creating on a spiritual level. I know the creation that manifests, will have a firmer foundation than these clumsy hands of mine could ever hope to produce and be far more beautiful.

  4. It was such a blessing to have watch a recording. I have not viewed “Hour of Power,” in over a decade. I was truly blessed to see that the church continues triumphantly in Jesus’ name.

  5. I am enjoying your morning devotionals. I don’t have live TV so watch them on my tablet

  6. Jesus did not turn a blind eye on things that needed our attention and effort to make better. That does not mean we should drown ourselves in only seeing what is wrong with our society. We should also focus on the beauty that is in our world and to be greatful for it.

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