The Possibilities in God

“Jesus replied, ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God.’”

– Luke 18:27

Today, I want to persuade you that if you work with God, anything is possible in your life. Above all, I want you to believe one simple truth: if you live your life with Jesus, He can accomplish anything. That is something I firmly believe. God enjoys doing impossible things with unlikely people and using imperfect people to accomplish incredible exploits for His Kingdom. I am confident that if you live your life by faith, He will do amazing things in your life. Although it’s easy to fall into a pit of despair and believe that God has abandoned you, that God is angry with you, that your life is finished, or that your future is bleak, I want to encourage you to believe that with the Lord, something better is always on the horizon! His message for you today is that new things are on the way, and I believe they will be good.

Although it wasn’t always natural for me, I’ve evolved into a possibility thinker, the kind I learned about from my Grandpa as a child. I’ve evolved into someone who believes that viewing the world as it makes me wiser, more successful, and, believe it or not, more moral. This is because happy, appreciative, and joyous individuals are better at loving others and enduring hardship than the rest of us.

Friend, the knowledge of God’s Word is the foundation of all possibility thinking and positivity! You will soar to heights you never dreamed of when you accept the reality that nothing is impossible with Jesus and put your whole faith in His promises. His power is limitless, and nothing…except you…can stop you from walking in it. You are your own worst adversary, and fear is your greatest stumbling block. Choose to believe that with Jesus, nothing is impossible, and your life will be transformed. As a result, you will have never-before-experienced joy, hope, and victory!


Jesus, I want you to break down my fear barriers and teach me to expect great things. May I never forget that with you, nothing is impossible!


Do you believe that with God, anything is possible? If not, what worries are preventing you from moving forward?

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