The Potter and the Clay

“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

– Isaiah 64:8

When I was a kid, I tried several different kinds of art, but I found that I really liked working with clay. In fact, when I was in the third grade, I won first place in the Orange County Art Contest’s ceramics category for a creepy Tim Burton-ish looking creation I made. The reason this particular art form appealed to me is because as long as the clay stayed soft, I never ran out of chances to make corrections or to start over. Even after a few hours, if cracks started to form, I could take water and smooth out the surface, because nothing became unchangeable until it was baked in the kiln, and only the teacher could do that. Though my childhood art interests were not spiritual per se, through them, I figured out something important about living as a disciple of Jesus. Since I’ve always been a passionate dreamer with a lot of ideas, I’ve learned that I need to hold those things loosely so that God can have the final say. As I mold my life, like clay, I should seek to remain soft and humble so that my Savior can do what He sees fit through me. He alone can solidify my story and get me to my ultimate destination.

My friend, if you’re dealing with frustration and disappointment in this challenging season, I encourage you to stay moldable and open your heart to what Jesus wants to do in and through it. Even if it requires that your ambitions take a new form, let your life be guided and crafted by the Potter’s hand so He can create in you something more glorious than you can imagine. Keep your dreams alive, but remember that only He can finish them. The Lord has the final say in your future, and until He fires the clay, it must remain malleable so it can take shape on life’s mountaintops and in its valleys.


Jesus, you are my Potter. I will hold my dreams loosely knowing that you are still molding and shaping them.


What dreams do you need to hold loosely in this season of uncertainty?


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  1. I believe there are no pool incidences in gods ever-changing world and his ever-changing plans for us and our needs change all the time and I believe he changes our blessings according to how our world changes our private world stage and I think he meets our needs and I used to really strive to know when my needs and my husbands were being met but I can see now from what you said I will hold on loosely and wait on God for him to meet the needs of our hearts and you really is ever-changing Lord is ever-changing us thank you so much I have donated to Hour Of Power and I will again when the stock market goes up a little and God bless you and your ministry and please call me anytime at 13025026272

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