The Price of Doing the Impossible

“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”

– Matthew 16:25

We’ve been talking a lot about the struggle that comes with pursuing seemingly impossible feats for God, and today, I want to tell you that some things are actually worth dying for. The beauty of the promise of eternity is that no matter how much it costs us, even if it’s our mortal life, every sacrifice we make will one day be redeemed and restored to us! Isn’t that a life-changing thought?

I’ve always loved the story of St. Boniface. Although there are several versions circulating, the one that I’ve heard the most is that, in the seventh century, the Pope was looking for someone to take the Gospel to Germany, which was known to be nearly unreachable for Christ because of the presence of pagan Druids. As the story goes, Boniface, an Englishman, moved to Rome to study under the Pope, with the hope of becoming a professor. Understandably then, he was not thrilled at the assignment he was given to be a missionary, and he agreed to it in anger, with the thought that he would go, only to die a martyr. When he ultimately arrived in Germany, he went to the center of the Druid civilization, to a place called the Great Oak of Thor, a thousand year-old tree that was a monument to the god of thunder. Upon arrival, he witnessed a brutal child sacrifice to Thor take place on that very tree and he was so appalled that he grabbed a big ax, swung it over his shoulder and began to cut it down. As he chopped, the wind came up and a storm finished what he had started. Once every last bit of the tree was on the ground, Boniface repurposed the lumber, built a pulpit and began to preach the Gospel. Naturally, he thought he would be martyred for such a radical act, but what he didn’t realize was that the greatest virtue in the Druid culture was courage. Since this was one of the most courageous acts they had ever witnessed, they all came to faith and were baptized that very day!

Like St. Boniface, sometimes we have to face what seems impossible with a willingness to give our very lives. When we are ready to sacrifice it all for the one who gave it all for us, we can mobilize His power in our lives in ways that we’ve never even imagined. You can do anything if you’re willing to pay the price, and let me tell you, friend, it’s always worth it!


Jesus, I ask for courage to let go of all that I hold on to in order to see your glory at work in my life.


Have you ever risked it all to gain something greater? If so, what was the result?

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