“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”

– Proverbs 11:2

We’ve been talking about the three ways that Satan wages an attack on our minds, and yesterday we learned about the lust of the eyes. Today, I want to look at the third and final way the enemy seeks to destroy us — the pride of life.

Just like the undercover nature of the devil, the pride of life is insidious and well-meaning. In fact, most often it has to do with thinking you are wise. Now, we know from the Bible that wisdom is a gift from God and that it’s certainly not a bad thing. However, when it becomes a matter of ego and assumes an attitude that “I know best,” so-called wisdom has turned into a problem. If we think we’re smarter, more successful, and more knowledgeable than anyone else, we are in the devil’s grasp.

Another element of this pride of life is power. Once again, power is not a bad thing (I sure hope not since our show is called Hour of Power), but it must come from God and be used for His Kingdom. When we obsess over having control and authority and our desire for it becomes all-consuming, trouble is going to become us. If our image takes top priority and we debate with people just for sport, the pride of life is in full force!

Friend, I urge you to check your heart regularly and seek to always walk in humility. Pride is destructive and it can easily affect your work, your marriage, and your friendships. I encourage you not to assume you are right, but to always be willing to listen to and dialogue with others. Power and authority are good, but when they fall outside of the boundaries of the Kingdom of God, they become ego and can easily evolve into fighting, bitterness, and war. Jesus wants to bless your life and He has given you more dominion than you can even fathom in His Name! Submit your life to Him and you will be shielded from the devil’s attacks while walking in the fullness of His power! Isn’t that great news?


Thank you, Jesus, for being the source of all power and authority in my life. I submit myself to you and pray that you would humble anything haughty in my spirit.


Where in your life does pride tempt you? How can you resist the devil’s attacks in this area?

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