The Privilege of Being Put to the Test

“On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. ‘Teacher,’ he asked, ‘what must I do to inherit eternal life?'”

– Luke 10:25

It’s interesting to me that Jesus was prompted to tell the story of the Good Samaritan when a teacher of the law stood up to test Him. In reading that word through our modern-day lens of social etiquette and political correctness, it’s easy to assume that it was an impolite thing the man was doing by challenging his rabbi. However, back then, his actions would actually have been considered a compliment because questioning the Lord on his theories and views meant that this student was considering becoming His disciple — the highest honor that could be bestowed on a teacher. Even today, it’s natural to investigate and ask questions about anything we’re considering adopting as true or building our lives around. On the flip side, to be questioned means that we’re living and leading in such a way that people are drawn to us out of curiosity. Unfortunately, if we’re troubled by insecurity, people’s inquiries can unknowingly cause us to react defensively, and if the questioning happens in a way that is combative or insensitive, those feelings can be heightened and intensified. Nevertheless, it’s important to learn to welcome the interrogations of others and to recognize that there’s a privilege in being put to the test.

My friend, in a time when people are searching for truth and seeking answers, your life points to the One true way. Though it can feel scary and uncomfortable to be questioned, I encourage you to embrace the inquiries of others with open arms, especially in this unprecedented and uncertain season. While society spins frantically, catching many in its web of mixed messages, you are rooted and grounded in the Word of God and you speak the truth that can set souls free. While Jesus holds the key to the peace that every heart desires, your life is a door He has unlocked to allow it to flow. As you boldly embrace deep conversations and refuse to shy away from difficult questions, His words and wisdom will work through you to change many hearts and transform many lives in the process.


Teach me to welcome the questions of others, Jesus, so that your wisdom, life, and truth can flow freely through me.


How do you respond when your beliefs and convictions are questioned?


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  1. Wow ” Bobby thank you! for your teaching / message of the privilege of being tested. because that exactly what, I’m experience in my marriage etc, (smile)

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