“But if Christ is in you, then even though your body is subject to death because of sin, the Spirit gives life because of righteousness.”

– Romans 8:10

Do you remember the time you first realized you are mortal? It’s interesting how children have no concept of death or mortality until some circumstance in their world forces them to deal with it. For me, it was when we were in Oklahoma for a family reunion when I was a kid. During this visit, I grew especially fond of my great-grandpa Durham, who was a Nazarene minister and an all-around wonderful man. We lived in California at the time, and when we went to leave, my mom told me to be sure and say goodbye to Grandpa because he was in his 90’s and we wouldn’t be back there for years, so I might not see him again. Just then, the sadness of death swept over me. When I went to say goodbye to Grandpa that day, I cried and didn’t want to leave. I was so upset at the thought that he could be gone before our next visit that I literally sobbed. In that moment, even as a kid, I first felt the fear, terror, and worry that so many adults carry with them as they ponder the reality of death. Thankfully for me, Grandpa Durham lived to be 100 years old and there were many more meaningful visits to follow. Nevertheless, what I experienced that day signaled a new season in my life, as a piece of my childhood innocence was replaced by the reality of mortality.

Unfortunately, many people live every day terrified of their own mortality. In fact, I am convinced that the underlying fear of death is what drives much of the sin and wretched behavior in our society. Thankfully, as believers in Jesus, we know that death is only a gateway to a greater and more abundant life. Even better, its power to impact the quality of our existence is lessened by God’s presence in our midst every day! 

Friend, part of the blessing of experiencing Jesus today is the way He confirms that He is the Lord of life and death. The more you encounter His Spirit in supernatural ways, the more eternity comes to earth to prime your heart for your Heavenly home. When you walk in the reality of your living Savior, death is no longer a fatal wound but only a temporary sting. Your mortality was swallowed up by immortality the day Jesus went to the cross, and He is preparing you for the amazing gift that awaits on the other side of your last breath! 


Thank you, Jesus, for replacing the reality of my mortality with the reality of immortality through the gift of salvation. I am forever grateful to have been set free from the power of death.


When did you first become aware of the reality of mortality? Has knowing Jesus eased your fear of death? How?

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