The Splashiness of Words

“For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

– Matthew 12:37

In our next series, we will explore the value and power of words. Our words are the most valuable commodity on the planet, and today, I want to emphasize the splashiness of words. Children playfully splash water on one another when they are in a pool on a hot summer day. Likewise, you cannot use words on others without getting a little bit on yourself. A proverb from ancient times states, “Cursing someone by casting a spell or cursing them with your words always costs both of you.” The cost to you is reaping negative consequences from words you use that are damaging, pessimistic, or cynical.

In addition, if you lash out at someone by speaking negative words and you don’t think they’ll retaliate, I promise you they will. They will find some way to unleash their hurt back onto your life. The splashiness of words has this consequence. On the flip side, positive words reap positive consequences. I can assure you that if you choose to go out of your way to encourage five people today, you will feel inspired and encouraged. It is always in our best interest, as well as for others, to speak favorably! 

Friend, splashiness is a word I heard from my son, but it certainly captures how powerful our words are, not only to ourselves but also to others in our spheres of influence. As you make an effort to encourage others, they will respond with something nice back to you. You will feel good during the process, and your surroundings will continue to be filled with positivity! With the help of the Holy Spirit, become a party of one speaking and spreading the goodness of God to everyone around you!


Father, help me speak and spread your goodness to all those around me.


Do you speak more negativity or positivity? How can you share more of God’s goodness?

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