“Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants.”

– Matthew 13:7

Yesterday we talked about rocky soil and how it affects us as we receive the Word of God. Today, we are going to look more specifically at thorny soil and how it impacts our hearts and our ability to lean into Jesus’ good promises for our future.

Imagine a handful of seed falling to the ground and landing on moist and fertile soil. It takes root and within a short time, it begins to spring up in the form of perfect crops. The farmer is pleased with the growth, until one day, he notices that weeds and thorns have sprouted among the healthy crops and have entangled them. Within a matter of time, the plants have choked and died, no longer worth anything to the harvest.

As we liken this parable to our everyday lives, Jesus tells us that the thorns are equivalent to worries and riches. Those aren’t exactly two words that you would expect to see together, right? What would a rich person have to be worried about?  You may be growing and flourishing in any area of life and things may be going very well for you financially, but with your success and increased wealth inevitably come new burdens. As your responsibilities grow, so do the demands on your time and mental resources, which is why, if you’re not careful, the very thing that you wanted can ultimately destroy your calling!

Friend, seek wisdom in everything that you do and don’t let your vision be killed by the stress of the day-to-day. Take care of your heart so that you can continue to hear God’s voice, receive His Word, and focus on your Heavenly assignment. As you stay close to Jesus, your life will produce a harvest that is far beyond anything you could do in your own strength, because His power is made perfect in your weakness! Isn’t that an awesome thought?


Jesus, I pray that you would elevate my perspective and keep my eyes above the worries and riches of this world.


Which thorns and weeds have attempted to take root in your heart? Will you commit them to Jesus today so that there’s no chance of them destroying your Heavenly calling?

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