“But he refused to drink it; instead, he poured it out before the Lord. ‘Far be it from me, Lord, to do this!’ he said. ‘Is it not the blood of men who went at the risk of their lives?’ And David would not drink it.” 

– 2 Samuel 23:16,17

When David’s warriors returned with a drink of water for him, everyone was astonished, especially the king himself. In a pivotal moment, all the troops were watching to see what their leader would do with the liquid treasure he had been given. Would he reprimand the men for leaving the cave to get it, or would he give them a drink since they risked their lives to get one for him? Would he take a nice long swig and then share it with the crowd or consume it all himself? Though they may have envisioned several different scenarios, there’s one they probably never imagined, and that’s exactly what David did. Overcome with emotion and gratitude, he would not drink the water, but instead, he poured the entire volume onto the ground as he exclaimed His praise to God! The benevolence and kindness shown to him were a direct reflection of the heart of His Lord and he wanted to thank Him before doing anything else. In a radical act of sacrifice and abandon, David made a bold statement about his ultimate source, and in so doing, he pointed his troops back to their true King. 

My friend, as you are blessed by the people you lead, remember that Jesus is your first and truest source! Every good thing that comes into your life is a reflection of His heart of benevolence towards you. When others go out of their way to show you that they care, express gratitude and use the opportunity to offer praise to the Giver of every perfect gift. Your influence is cultivated and expanded by a willingness to lay aside prizes and accolades for the glory of the King of Heaven. Don’t be afraid to recklessly pour the most costly gifts at His feet, because He is the God of infinitely more. There’s nothing you can give up that He cannot replace a hundredfold, so trust Him in surrender and give it all back to Him with abandon!


Jesus, fill my heart with a faith that willingly pours out my most precious gifts for the sake of your Name and your glory.


If you were King David in this story, what would you have done with that drink of water?

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