“Jesus answered, ‘It is written: Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

– Matthew 4:4

Yesterday, we talked about solitude, the first of three habits we observe as we study the life of Jesus. Today, I want to introduce the second discipline we see our Savior exercising consistently, and that is Scripture memorization. Committing the Word of God to heart was a practice that was deeply embedded in Hebrew culture, and for good reason. Unlike today, when nearly everyone has a Bible in their possession, the scrolls were kept at the synagogue, so memorizing them was the primary way to carry them into daily life. Perhaps this is why every Jewish child was required to commit to their minds the Torah — or the first five books of the Old Testament — while they were still young. If they knew the Lord’s law like the “back of their hand,” they could be guided and shaped by it as they matured. In fact, reciting Scripture is how Jesus and His disciples were empowered to win spiritual wars. When the devil (or the Pharisees or demons he was working through) hurled accusations, they could respond by declaring, “It is written…,” and darkness had to flee! Thankfully, if this was true then, it’s equally as true today. His Word is unchanging, and when we invest our time planting it in our minds through memorization, it bears fruit in our spirits. As we make His truth our authority, our adversaries gain no foothold because we can respond to their charges with Christ’s victorious promises!

My friend, the Word of God is living and powerful! Beyond being mere letters on a page, it is the active, unchanging, and world-shaping will of the Lord. When you recite the Bible in response to temptation or personal attack, you extinguish Satan’s fiery darts with Living Water. This is why it’s so imperative to know His Word well. Far more than an activity reserved for children in Sunday school, Scripture memorization is a habit that imbues everyone’s life with divine power. Reserve time in your schedule to commit it to memory, and you will be amazed by how your soul is strengthened and your spirit uplifted!


Jesus, thank you that I have the mind of Christ. I ask for your help as I commit to memorizing more of your Word.


Do you regularly memorize Scripture? If not, will you commit to trying it this week? (If you don’t know where to start, try picking something from the book of Psalms).

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2 Responses

  1. Thankyou for that encouraging word. When I was in the hospital many years ago, my baby girl was born dead,and my pastor read,
    “The Lord will never leave you or fail you. “ which lifted my heart and a year later the Lord blessed my husband Herb and I with a healthy baby girl. yes. Gods word is so powerful!

  2. Pastor Bobby, thank you & praise Jesus for your Faith n passion for our Lord God and His Word.
    I’m Scottish, I experienced a Visitation from The Holy Spirit so a Carmalite friend explained to me, I just knew it was God, It was Holy, Supernatural, Glorious, Pure Loving Peaceful Joy and I’ve loved God since. Wish I could tell you more but my point is this…. I’ve experienced Glorious Loving Holy Spirit of God, yet I’ve stilled failed, erred & sinned… left God’s side being distracted, gotten lost over & over again…im useless. But our Heavenly Father has never left me. He sent Jesus, The Good Shephard to me call my name & my soul heard & responded. God Is Love. Jesus is God & we all belong to Him,…. Your tv programme is good, I found you maybe 5 yrs ago…. Cheers to your family, team & Lord Jesus.

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