“Then he touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith let it be done to you.”

– Matthew 9:29

We’ve been talking a lot about faith — what it is and what it isn’t and how it plays out in our lives. Today, I want to assert that there are different kinds of faith that correspond to distinct seasons of our lives as Christians

Different things motivate our trust at various times in our lives, but the bottom line is that faith is essential to our survival and quality of life. Why? Because faith has to do with the future. When we are unable to put our hope in anyone or anything, we quickly become despondent and crippled by worry, anxiety, and depression. Faith is the essential component of a productive, abundant, and fruitful life, which is why living in the Kingdom of God is absolutely the best way. But what inspires faith and trust? The truth is that circumstances, hardships, and provision often serve as a catalyst for our Spiritual growth, cultivating deeper confidence in the character of the Lord. To make this abstract concept a bit more understandable, Dallas Willard asserted that there are three major categories of faith discussed in the Scriptures: faith of propriety, faith of desperation, and faith of sufficiency (we will address these in greater detail in upcoming devotions). 

Friend, regardless of what motivates you to believe, I encourage you to embrace a deeper dependence on Jesus. Lean into the faith He has deposited in your soul and imagine what is possible within the unlimited bounds of His goodness. His Father’s heart is pleased with your reliance upon His strength and sufficiency, so walk hand-in-hand with Him and allow Him to uphold you, transform you, and bless you through every season!


Jesus, I rely on you and I thank you for the gift of faith you have put in my heart. Teach me to lean into the unlimited bounds of your goodness.


What circumstances motivate your faith and trust today?

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