“‘The time has come,’ he said. ‘The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!’”

– Mark 1:15

What is the kingdom of God? Do you know? The Kingdom of God is where what He wants done is done; the place where He is the King! More specifically, it is where people do what Jesus says to do; they live the way He instructed. In essence, the Kingdom of God is comprised of people full of moral knowledge and wisdom.

I believe in Jesus’ teachings more than anything in the world. In fact, I am convinced that even if you are an atheist and you live by the Sermon on the Mount, your life will be better. This is because I believe what Jesus is teaching in the red letters is common grace, and a lot of it is made available to everyone. For instance, anyone who loves their enemies and prays for those who persecute them, or who settles matters quickly with those who have wronged them, will do better in their life, whether they have professed faith in Jesus or not. Why? Because He is the Lord of the universe and these are eternal principles that He has set in place.

If Jesus’ teachings bless even those who don’t have a personal relationship with Him, how much more will He take care of you, His beloved child? As one who calls Him both father and friend, you have been set free from the bondage of worrying about the future and of trying to predict what’s coming next. Instead of anticipating calamity and chaos, in His Kingdom, you are being transformed into a rooted, established, and wise individual who can deal with anything life throws at you. In fact, you are being made into the kind of person who can survive, and even thrive, in chaos! In light of the craziness of the world, isn’t that great news?


Thank you, Jesus, for bringing a supernatural stability to my life that enables me to thrive in the midst of chaos.


Are you able to thrive in an increasingly chaotic world? How does Jesus help you?

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