Through the Eyes of a Child

“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

– Luke 18:17

I read about a study recently that really disturbed me. It said that the average child smiles 400 times a day while the average adult only smiles 20 times. As I pondered what the reasons for that might be, I developed a theory: I believe that since kids have scarier lives than grownups, they are forced to grow and find joy in life’s small victories. Because they are constantly being stretched, they experience more of the wonder of being alive. 

Adults on the other hand have more independence and freedom and can make their lives controlled and comfortable. They can withdraw from the things that stretch and challenge them and build a world that suits their current situation. What would it be like, however, if grownups were forced to get a new job every year? Or to take classes and learn new skills? Though I don’t advocate intentional instability, I believe that challenges and changes can actually increase our sense of joy and happiness in life. 

Friend, I encourage you to expand your world by seeing it through the eyes of a child. Don’t shrink back in fear, but embrace stretching situations knowing that they will ultimately complete your joy. Freedom is found in letting go, not in holding on, so release the tight grip you have on your life and, once again, learn to see the wonder and excitement in something new. Receive the Kingdom of God like a little child, and I guarantee you, you will never stop smiling! 


I am grateful, Jesus, that you invite me to embrace my life with the wonder of a child. Help me to see my faith through the lens of a young person and make my heart childlike in trust.


Are you childlike in faith, or have you built a controlled life? How does this impact your joy?

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5 Responses

  1. As a Special Education retired teacher, I find this theory fascinating, for I know it to be true. Children, with their boundless energy are constantly in motion and in awe of their surroundings. Just watch children play at a park; only the saddest child remains on the park bench. I am amazed that the average adult can gather enough joy to smile even those 20 times a day. As a pastor in the RCA, my dad and mom frequently entertained missionaries. I remember at the age of 3, I saw a picture of an old, old woman with huge smile winkles. I promised myself then that when I was old, I, too, would have smile wrinkles and not frown wrinkles. Now that I am 72, my face has become what I saw in the picture, a face of smile wrinkles.

    An added note, I am a Presbyterian now, like Bobby, and following my own worship service, I race home to watch the livestream of Hour of Power to keep my Sabbath Day continuing through the day. I am grateful for the Hour of Power and finally had enough funds last year to join the Eagles Club. My prayer is that I can find another set of funds to make a gift this year and get another Eagle. Sheila Schuler, Bobby’s aunt, was in my sorority at Hope College. This year, I am on our 50th HOPE Reunion committee and will address our 100+ participants on the changes from 1974 and now.

  2. Shalom alle mit einander,
    warum können Kinder scheinbar mehr lächeln? Ist Euch noch nie in den Sinn gekommen das bei Kinder je jünger Sie sind , oft Unbewusste Erinnerung , an das ist wo Sie herkommen ? Wen das kein Grund zum lächeln ist was dann ?
    Habe selbst als Kind reichlich Schläge von den Eltern erhalten , mit den Worten du bist der erst geborene und damit für das tun der Geschwister verantwortlich .
    Allerdings habe ich mich nie mieshandelt gefühlt !!!!!!!
    Wuste nur nicht wie diese Verantwortung erfüllt werden kann , wen ich selbst nicht anwesend bin .
    Vermag Heute das zu erkennen und darüber zu berichten weil es mir Bewusst ist , damals als Kind war dieses mir nicht Bewusst .
    Erfüllte Tage Euch
    Niemand der David Heute

  3. I think it has more to do with how children are ignorant of how dangerous the world can be, and they have had less time to be traumatised by adverse life events, or for anyone to fill them with negativity. But yes, change can be a vital way of gaining a perspective on these challenges.

  4. Thank you Hour of Power! I plan on forwarding this to my adult children. Your work for the LORD helps me not only personally; but so much of your correspondence puts out the word of God in a way that strengthens the core of a Christians very being. This message reminds us of what a pure in heart belief adds to one’s life. It reminds me why I don’t exist for Man!

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