Thy Kingdom Come, One Person at a Time

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

– Matthew 6:33

If you’ve been around church for any amount of time, my guess is that you’re familiar with Jesus’ command to seek His Kingdom first. But what exactly does that mean? While we all like to focus on the part of the promise that speaks about Him adding things to us, the first half of the verse is a bit more vague. Though there are many ways to seek the Lord and enhance our personal connection with Him — prayer, reflection, meditation, and Scripture reading to name a few — as it pertains to imparting His Kingdom values to others, there is only one way: relationship. Unfortunately, we tend to overcomplicate our call to be ambassadors for Jesus on the earth, and since He told us that He loves the world, we assume we must do the same. However, the truth is that it’s impossible for one person to love everyone, so it’s best to focus on loving those in the six feet of space around us (or maybe a little more than that to maintain social distance). You see, God is a God of seed, and He has given each of us a handful of His tender mercies to sow into the world. When we resolve to reflect His nature to those in our unique sphere of influence, the multiplied impact of the Holy Spirit’s work has the power to effect change all around the globe.

My friend, especially now, humanity needs you and the love of God that’s in you! Be honest, deal fairly with your neighbor, use your words to bless and not curse, build bridges, affirm the image of Christ in others, and show His love everywhere you go, in every way you can. Don’t worry about saving the whole world, simply focus on being Jesus to those around you. In a time when fear is spreading like fire, let the Living Water in you calm hearts and minds so that they can see and feel the refreshing of your Savior.


I ask that you would use me, Jesus, to show your unconditional love to others so they can see and experience you.


Who in your sphere of influence can you show the love of God to today?


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