“And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.”

– John 6:35

A famous Roman emperor named Constantine may be familiar to you. According to written history, Constantine had a vision before marching to battle; he is said to have seen a cross of light in the heavens above the sun. As a result of this vision, the Chi-Rho symbol was born, which represents the first two letters of the word Christ. This was used by the military as a symbol on their shields, reinforcing their victory. 

In his role as a king, he is often referred to as the first Christian Caesar. He allowed the churches to be built and the Christians to worship freely, and he hosted various councils in Rome, but he himself was not baptized until his deathbed. The last moment before he died, he was baptized, confessed Christ as his Lord, and died and went to Heaven. Many people in the world would say, “That guy is lucky.”‘ He played that hand perfectly, and he did it right. His life was filled with all the women, the parties, and the sins he wanted, and at the last second, he decided to make the decision and still made it to heaven! It’s not right to say he’s so lucky!

Friend, as a Christian, I feel bad for Constantine. To be so close to the river of living water and never drink, to be so close to Jesus the bread of life and never eat, to be so close to the tree of life and never partake is a tragedy. I want to encourage you that your faith has more life than you’re getting now. Don’t wait another day to reap the benefits of Christ’s goodness! Embrace him now and enjoy the fruits of his goodness!


Father, I want you to help me create new memories and experiences in my life.


Is Jesus your Lord and Savior, and are you enjoying the fruit of His goodness?

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