“‘If you will not,’ said Naaman, ‘please let me, your servant, be given as much earth as a pair of mules can carry, for your servant will never again make burnt offerings and sacrifices to any other god but the Lord.’”

– 2 Kings 5:17

When Naaman received his miracle, he had no doubt about its source! And as if he needed any more convincing, when Elisha refused to take a reward from him, he saw even more clearly that the presence of God alone was enough, both for him and for the prophet. So astonished was he by the power of Yahweh that he vowed never to worship another deity again, in spite of the fact that he came from a culture full of idols. Because his miracle made him whole from the inside out, he was serious about honoring his Savior. In fact, so changed was he that he wanted to take home anything — even piles of dirt — from the sacred place where he had been transformed. Having felt the touch of the Living Lord, he would never be the same, and his once prideful heart was now contrite and humble before Him.

My friend, when He touches you, Jesus makes every part of you complete. No matter how undeserving you feel or how much you’ve “messed up,” He is willing and able to perform a miracle on your behalf. Experiencing the fullness of His presence means that you will never be the same; He will be your consuming passion, and He will capture your heart with His marvelous love. In fact, He will make your spirit so completely alive that something as mundane as bags of dirt can serve as a reminder of His faithfulness. Your Savior is the Alpha and the Omega — the source of all that exists. As you stay connected to Him, abundant life will become you, and you will be completely changed!


Jesus, thank you for making me new from the inside out. I choose to walk every day in your power.


Why do you think Naaman wanted to take home dirt from the site of his miracle?


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