“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

– Psalm 139:23,24

When we talk about training, we often think about perfecting a craft or getting ready for a sporting event. We don’t, however, typically think about our minds. Nevertheless, the best way to overcome our tendency to dwell on negative things is not to block them out, but to train our minds by taming and changing our thoughts. The key to a tranquil life is learning to be present in the beauty of today, in the here and now.

In spite of all that we search for, what most of us really want is a serene mind. We want to be relaxed and we want to live from a place of freedom; of not having to worry. Very often we fantasize about being relaxed (like about being on vacation), but the reality is that until our bodies and minds are at rest, even being in the places we fantasize about won’t help. This is because worry is something that we carry in our bodies; it starts in our minds but it ends up in our blood. You see, everywhere your body goes, your stress will go. This is why it’s vital that we learn to train our minds, which will in turn change our bodies.

I encourage you to make a decision today to refuse to live in a constant state of stress. Look in the mirror and confess that anxiety and worry is not the life God has called you to; it’s not being responsible. Denounce fear and take whatever steps you can to develop a serene mind and a trusting heart. Understand that Jesus has you in the palm of His Hand and He will take care of all that concerns you. Isn’t that great news?


God, thank you for freeing me from anxiety and worry. I ask you to take my anxious thoughts and replace them with your thoughts, which are good, pure and lovely.


Starting today, how can you train your mind to denounce fear and embrace peace and positivity?

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  1. Beautiful and inspirational! Just what I needed to hear today—thank you for ministering to me…

  2. Thank you for the daily devotional–why must i sign up new every week to keep getting the daly devotional? sometimes i miss one or two days.

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